Animal Portraits in acrylic, pastel and oil

Many of these painting and illustrations are for sale.  Drop me an email on the contact page to inquire about the image you are interested in.  Also, I love to paint pet portraits in pastel, acrylic or oil.  Email me for a quote at

6 Jenny-Finished Portrait.jpg
Red Earred Slider.jpg
Lion-17X24 pastel painting on pastel boa
Lapped-neck Vulture (si).jpg
7. Hornbill.jpg
Tropical Rain Forest.jpg
5. Black Crowned Night Heron.jpg
Dog Portrait.jpg
Carolina Wren - 5X7 signed giclee.jpg
2. Fox 8.5X11.jpg
14. Canada Goose.jpg
Brown Pelican (si).jpg
White-Crowned Sparrow 001.jpg
Art Sample 1.jpg
Charlie (si).jpg
Natural Science Illustrations 003.jpg
Natural Science Illustrations 007.jpg
Cardinal-Female (si).jpg
Harley 008 (2).jpg
Finished Painting for Dreher Island (si)

Painting Jenny's Portrait

Jenny's portrait was done in pastel on a 16X20 piece of board.  First the sketch was done in charcoal directly from a photo sent

to me from her owners.  Once I was satisfied with the accuracy, I moved on to creating the major shapes, darks and lights of the

head.  From there I started focusing on layering and details of the hair.  Then the details of the eyes were added along with the

reflections and then continuing with layering the hair working from dark to lights and finally highlights.

If you would like a portrait of your furry friend, drop me a note and I'd be happy to help you with a work of art that you'll cherish.

1 Jenny-Sketch.jpg
4 Jenny-Developing the eyes and reflecti
3 Jenny-Creating shapes and eyes.jpg
6 Jenny-Finished Portrait.jpg
2 Jenny-Shaping the hair and creating fo
5 Jenny-Continue creating layers of hair