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Dave grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and loved the out of doors.  From an early age he did a lot of drawing and recorded much of the plant and animal life he saw on and around the farm.  

After graduating from high school in 1965, he enrolled at the School of Art & Design in Philadelphia, a 4 year course of study taught by faculty who were not primarily teachers but actual artists who made their living creating art.  He was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from these accomplished artists.   

In 1969 Dave joined the Marine Corps and became a field radio operator in Vietnam but was also awarded a secondary MOS (military occupation speciality) of Illustrator and was able to work on art.  One of his drawings was accepted into the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, VA.   

Radio Tech, Vietnam '71.jpg
Washer woman, Vietnam '71 (si).jpg
Vietnam woman, Vietnam '71 (si).jpg
Vietnamese man, Vietnam '71 (si).jpg
FSB Ryder, Vietnam '71 (si).jpg

Dave was honorably discharged from the service in September 1972 and headed back to Pa to begin his career in art as an illustrator.  He opened Pine Hollow Art Studio and received his first commission from Columbia County creating 28 pen & ink drawings of the covered bridges in the county.  Columbia County was called the covered bridge capital of the world.  These drawings were printed into a set of prints suitable for framing and made available to the public in celebration of the 1976 Bi-centennial.

While Dave has worked as an artist in various capacities over the years including sign painting when everything was done by hand, murals, pinstriping and screen printing, he has always enjoyed creating art of the natural world all around us.  His favorite subject is natural science illustration and has had the opportunity to work on many science textbook projects as well as other venues like children's books, displays, educational materials etc.  He was represented by Creative Freelancers in New York for many years.  He also worked as a staff artist for a major publisher and was eventually promoted to art department supervisor where he "retired" in 2013.   

10. Richards Bridge No. 31.jpg
4. Campbell's Covered Bridge 11X14 (HiRe
Art Sample 9.jpg

Dave currently maintains a working studio in his home where he enjoys painting plants and animals along with landscapes but also enjoys working on science illustration and portraits. He works primarily in acrylic, pastel and oil and still does digital illustration.

Paint Trips 006.jpg
Me (si).jpg
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